At Miller Muffler we have the most up-to-date alignment equipment to service your vehicle. Every alignment begins with a front-end shakedown which includes inspection of the upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends, shocks, and sway bar links. We align all foreign and domestic cars, BMW, and Mercedes included. We also have the ability to align lifted and lowered vehicles.



We service brakes on all makes and models. Bring your car in for a free brake check to find out if your brakes are in good working condition. The typical life span of factory brakes are between 40,000 and 60,000 miles. We carry stock replacement brakes as well as performance and aftermarket brakes. Some of our Performance Brands include; Wilwood, Brembo, and EBC.


Catalytic Converters

P0420 and P0430 codes can be the biggest headache in the world of car problems. We take the guesswork out of determining whether or not you have a converter issue. Catalytic converters are an emissions control device that removes excess carbon (smog) from the air. Every vehicle we take in we do a series of tests to ensure that your converter is causing your P0420 or P0430 code. All converters, universal or direct fit, come with a 2 year, 25,000 mile warranty.



Front end components are a key part of keeping your vehicle on the road. Shocks, struts, ball joints, control arms, and tie rod ends are all critical to a working front end. Good front end components mean that your alignment is going to hold and keep your tires from wearing unevenly. At Miller Muffler we use MOOG problem solver parts. MOOG components are known for fixing the flaws in the factory parts so typically you see a long life from the components. All MOOG parts come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacture.



At Miller Muffler we have the ability to install headers on your vehicle. We use KOOKs, BBK, and other high-end brands. We will install your headers but they will not come with any guarantee. The brand we use will, however, come with a manufacturer warranty and we will handle any warranty issues that may arise.



Need a tow? We have you covered! We use CURT hitches and install wiring for your trailer. We are the True Under Car Specialists!


Custom Exhaust

Brands We Carry

Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Borla, Carven, Black Widow, Vibrant, Corsa, Roush, AFE, QTP, and many more!

Pipe and Bending

We use a crush-style pipe bender that allows us to fit each pipe perfectly to the car. Custom pipe bending allows for correct fitment, avoids rattles, and gives options for tip placement.
We commonly see bolt on kits that may not give the installer options to adjust to their preference and many times hangers and tips don’t line up. By hand bending our pipes, we can tailor the pipe to fit exactly how you want it.

Sizes we carry and can bend: 3.50in, 4.00in, & 5.00in

Performance Mufflers

We offer a wide range of mufflers with different sounds and features to give your vehicle the custom sound you want. The performance mufflers we carry in-store include Borla, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, SLP, and VR race series. We also offer brands such as Corsa, MBRP, AKROPVIK, and Carven that we can have in the store within 1 – 2 days. Each of these mufflers will offer a different sound and have varying performance aspects unique to their manufacturer. The separation of performance mufflers and stock mufflers can boil down to two things, sound and flow. Stock mufflers are restrictive and quiet in nature because they use baffles as well as insulated packing, causing them to be bulky and add unnecessary weight to the vehicle. Adding a performance muffler, your car will have greater flow, improved sound, and less weight.

Dual vs. True Duals

Duals consist of one muffler, a mid-pipe, two tailpipes, all new hangers, and two tips. This setup is the most common you will see on late model trucks. Its focus is on increasing sound and the cosmetic aspect by adding tips. There is less flow than the true dual set-up but this is a more cost-effective way to achieve your desired sound and look from your vehicle. The muffler is a single in-dual outlet that creates the appearance of duals.

True Duals are for the customer looking to add the most amount of power and flow to their vehicle. True Duals will consist of two mid-pipes, two mufflers, two tailpipes, all new hangers, and two tips. By eliminating the Y in your vehicle’s factory setup there is less restriction at the point where the two downpipes connect. Where you might have a 3.00in of flow from the factory, you could now achieve up to 5.00in of flow from the two 2.50in midpipes. Also with true duals, you can add an X-pipe or H-pipe, whereas, with the single in dual out muffler, you cannot.

X-Pipes, H-Pipes, & Y-Pipes

X-Pipes are mid-pipes built with a crossover or “X” shaped design, purposely crossed exhaust streams even outflow, and streamline exhaust gasses through the rest of the system. X-pipes are generally raspier and louder than H or Y-pipes and have been shown to provide slightly more power than their counterparts. You are likely to see most of the power
gains higher in the RPM band than with an X-pipe.

H-Pipes are better at balancing sound and produce a more consistent, classic muscle car growl. It does less than an X-pipe in the way of balancing exhaust gasses but still flows quite well. H-pipes maintain the back-pressure necessary for torque gains earlier in the RPM band, as opposed to, the top-end power seen from an X-pipe.

Y-Pipes became standard on many late model U6 Mustangs are sufficient for a mildly modded car. However, for those looking to install a power adder to make maximum horsepower, converting to a dual setup is ideal. The increased airflow from upgrading to an X or H setup gives you much more room to accommodate increases in horsepower and torque, relieving excessive back-pressure.

h, x, and y-pipes

Exhaust Cutouts

Standard Cutouts are a way to bypass the muffler and make the vehicle louder. There will be a 3 bolt flange and the user will have to unbolt prior to use and then reinstall after.

isolated image of exhaust cutout

Electric Cutouts

Electric Cutouts bypass the muffler the same way a standard cutout would, except the user no longer needs to climb under the car. There is an electronic butterfly switch mounted to the end of the cutout and a switch mounted in the car operates it. We also offer a wireless remote that is operated by two key fobs.